Amaranto Bistrot

Amaranto Bistrot

Cuisine, Art and Entertainment in Finalborgo

Amaranto Bistrot is the place where art, cuisine, music, beer and wines come together in a unique gastronomic experience. Located with a panoramic view of the fascinating walls of Finalborgo and its bell tower, the bistro offers a characteristic and particular atmosphere. Here with us you can discover interesting craft beers, special drinks, natural wines, local wines and more! Cuisine, Art and Fun: Amaranto Bistrot, the Perfect Fusion of Flavors, Music and a Unique Atmosphere!

The kitchen

Explore Taste Without Limits: From Italian Tradition to the East, with a Vegan Touch!

Welcome to our culinary world, where the passion for food translates into a journey without borders. Our cuisine embraces the richness of Italian tradition, taking inspiration from each region to offer you authentic gastronomic experiences. From classic dishes infused with Mediterranean flavors to exotic creations from the East, our menu celebrates culinary diversity with every bite. We pride ourselves on offering a gastronomic experience that crosses cultures and borders, bringing authentic flavors from around the world to the table. But we don't stop here. We recognize the importance of adapting our cuisine to everyone's needs. For those who embrace a vegan lifestyle, we have dedicated a section of our menu to delicious dishes free from ingredients of animal origin. We are happy to offer vegan options that maintain the perfect balance between taste and sustainability. Join us on this borderless gastronomic journey, where diversity is celebrated and taste knows no limits. Book now for a dining experience that will satisfy your every desire, from traditional Italian to oriental cuisine, also embracing the delicious world of vegan cuisine. Your palate will thank you for this unique and limitless experience!

The local

Welcome to Amaranto Bistrot: A Sensory Experience Between Art, Cuisine, and Music

We organize concerts, art exhibitions and artistic events of all kinds, transforming our space into a cultural and creative refuge. Our cuisine is a journey without borders, embracing culinary traditions from all over the world. The careful and artisanal choice of products, including beers and drinks, reflects our dedication to offering only the best to our guests. Wine lovers and passionate drinkers, we have expanded our cellar with triple A wines and special selections, offering customers the opportunity to purchase directly on site. The bohemian and friendly atmosphere makes Amaranto the ideal place for those looking for gastronomic pampering and a unique experience. If you want to immerse yourself in a world of flavors, art and entertainment, Amaranto Bistrot is your ideal destination! Discover the uniqueness of Amaranto, where every detail is taken care of to offer you an unforgettable sensory experience. Book now and treat yourself to a moment of pure gastronomic and cultural pleasure!

The cellar

Craft beers and products and passion for wine

Inside our restaurant, the selection of products is an authentic work of art, the result of passionate and artisanal research. Each beer and drink offered is carefully chosen, favoring quality and origin to offer an unforgettable taste experience. We are proud to present you a variety of carefully selected craft beers and drinks, coming from local and international productions. Each sip is a journey through unique and refined flavours, curated to satisfy even the most demanding palates. But our passion doesn't stop here. We are true wine lovers, and every bottle in our assortment has been chosen with love and expertise. From the most renowned labels to wine discoveries, our cellar is a treasure trove of wine experiences waiting to be savored. Join us on this journey of artisanal flavors and discover excellence in the choice of products. In our restaurant, every glass is a toast to passion, research and love for wine. Book now for an experience that will tickle the senses and delight the soul.


The Voice of Our Customers

At Amaranto Bistrot, customer satisfaction is our main source of inspiration. Our guest reviews are tangible evidence of our dedication to offering an extraordinary experience. Find out what those who have experienced our culinary and cultural world say.